Our Mission

Innovation Global Capital builds disruptive early stage companies transforming industries through technology and innovation. We create value through proprietary investing and global operating experience. Propelled by deep operating experience, we partner with disruptive companies in dynamic environments of secular change to create value

Our founding partners and Advisory Board have over 60 years of experience operating some of the world’s largest companies, with investments totaling over $1 Billion in consumer and technology companies.

The successful entrepreneur sees through the fog of uncertainty to create the future.

We partner with visionary entrepreneurs in the development of strategies, branding, organization, and operations throughout the progressive stages of growth. Our focus is on long-term value creation, sustainable growth and profitability – not quarterly capitalism.

Our Values

We strive for long-term shared success based upon our core principles of Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Partnership and Social Responsibility.

We believe in contributing to a better society for all, and are proud to give back to the arts and academia.