Guiding the next generation of companies through disruptive growth at a global scale.

Marine Layer logo

The softest California inspired apparel you will find for women and men.

Rothy's logo

Extremely comfortable eco-conscious shoes made from recycled PET bottles.

Buck Mason logo

Simple and timeless apparel for the modern man.

Fabric Commerce logo

SaaS ecommerce infrastructure powering the businesses of tomorrow.

GameOn logo

AI chat technology for the sports industry.

Hero logo

Enterprise SaaS solution for retailers connecting online customers to sales associates on the shop floor.

Kjaer Weis logo

The leading luxury organic beauty brand.

Alchemy43 logo

High-end beauty clinics delivering the highest quality cosmetic treatments.

Choosy logo

An AI-driven fast fashion brand.

Homecourt AI logo

A breakthrough approach to basketball player development for the next generation of players.

Jaanuu logo

Contemporary runway-inspired antimicrobial medical apparel for women.

Le Prix logo

Online marketplace offering new and used luxury brands from top US consignment boutiques.

Price logo

Multi-platform technology allowing users to scan thousands of retailers for the best price online.

Prodigy logo

SaaS solution for auto dealerships bringing eCommerce convenience to the $1.1 trillion car sales industry.

Raw Green logo

Inspiring healthy living by providing the best in organic superfoods, smoothies and supplements.

Try logo

Try clothes from your favorite online stores with just the click of a button.

Reel logo

Prepay savings for millennial women.

Zbioticz logo

The world’s first genetically engineered probiotic.